Something Had To Give: Cheryl's Side




If you are looking for a great read, look no further. Follow Cheryl's journey through this crazy and unpredictable thing called life. Her story is one we can all relate to. She had big plans for herself, but life came at her fast. Will she be able to play the cards she dealt? Or will the pressures of life drive her to actions that will alter her life forever?

Cheryl began planning her life when she was just eight years old. At that age, she never considered that life would throw her curve balls that would make her change those plans. For Cheryl, it seems as though each time she has a minute to catch her breath, there is something else that comes along to disrupt her life. Even as a teen, Cheryl finds herself dealing a lot of devastating experiences that seem unfair, but she always manages to pull through. As a young adult, it becomes more difficult as she often finds herself without the support of her family friends.

Adulthood hits Cheryl like a freight train. She quickly discovers how decisions and actions from her past can affect her future. The transition from a carefree college student to an adult that’s tied down is not easy for Cheryl. Though she does her best to adjust and make the best of her new life, the pressures of being a mom and partner begin to weigh heavily on her. Cheryl tries hard to keep her control of her emotions, but when she finds herself as a single mom going to war with her ex, she reaches her breaking point. The plan Cheryl devises to fix her problems is so far fetched that she is not sure she can pull it off. However, when she discovers that her ex has moved on with no regard to the life he promised her, all bets are off. She has just given birth to her second child and finds herself caring for two children alone while he has started a new life without her. It’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back. For her something had to give, and it was him.