Book Review: I Almost Forgot About You

Georgia Young. Dr. Georgia Young, that is. A twice divorced optometrist, completely bored with her career and looking for a brand new lease on life overall. When one of Georgia's patients happens to be the daughter of a recently passed ex-fling, Georgia realizes that she never had closure with him or several other old loves. This includes her two ex-husbands. 

With the help of Facebook and the Internet searches, Georgia begins to look up old lovers with the hopes of letting them know how they changed her life and what they meant to her. On top of this plan, Georgia makes plans to start a new career, sell her home, and take a cross-country train ride to "find herself." 

Over the course of a year, Georgia find herself on an emotional roller coaster as she reconnects with her ex-husbands and old loves, watches her mom marry at the age 82, supports one daughter throw a divorce, supports another who elopes and drops out of school, and supports her friends through tough times. By the time Georgia's 55th birthday comes around, most of her plans have changed or fallen through, but then again, things work out perfectly. The one ex-lover she least expects to ever see again pops back up and is the prince charming she has been looking for.

I read this book in just two days. I finished it feeling inspired and reminded that finding yourself (and love) can happen at any age. I LOVED this book! Check it out