Don't Be A Wife to A Boyfriend

To all the single ladies, Don't Be A Wife to A Boyfriend by Shonda Brown White is a reminder that true love does exists. This book also gives  lessons that may be helpful as you journey through the process of finding Mr. Right. 

The ten lessons provided in this book are based on the author's personal experiences, but for many ladies, I am sure they are relatable. For me, it was nice to get a gentle reminder that we face the same battles and make the same mistakes when dating. As we get older and feel pressure from society, family, and friends, it helps to know that not everyone will live the fairy tale that we often see on television. Some meet their prince charming at 18, some at 25, some at 45 and that's okay. 

The lesson that resonated with me the most is that nothing happens overnight. Things take time and there is a reason for the process. If you are struggling with the dating process and feeling down or frustrated, I recommend you check this book out. 

Happy reading.