The Blackbirds

I was excited  to find a new book out by Eric Jerome Dickey. He is one of the my favorite authors. His latest book is The Blackbirds. Most are familiar with the song Blackbirds by Nina Simone:

"No place big enough for holding all the tears you're going to cry cause your mama's name was "lonely and your daddy's name was "pain" 

This book is about four very different women: Kwanzaa, Indigo, Ericka, and Destiny. They are the Blackbirds. These women are best friends who are in different places in their journey through life, but still support and love each other through it all. From cancer to divorce, to jail time, these women have been through it all, but nothing breaks the bond of their friendship. 

This is my feel good book of the year thus far. For everyone who has a tight knit group of friends, The Blackbirds is a relatable and touching read. Check it out!