Book Review: Maybe Baby

My latest read was Maybe Baby by Andrea Smith.  If you are a fan of the Fifty Shades of Grey series then this will likely be a book you enjoy as well. Maybe Baby is the first of a series where a college student is spending her summer working for Sinclair Stables. 

"I was the new kid on staff, and among the youngest at age 20. The others worked at Sinclair Stables on weekends and summers since high school." 

Tylar Preston is from Kentucky where she lived with her mom, who drove Tylar to leave in order protect what was left of her trust fund.  On a day that she decides to take one of the horses, Derringer, for a walk, she runs into Trey Sinclair. Trey is overseeing the estate while his parents are out of town. He is also Derringer's owner and is not at all happy that Tylar is walking him. While their initial encounter is not very pleasant, an accident in the pool following a party lands Tylar in the hospital where Trey never leaves her side. 

"His jewel-toned gaze was fixed on mine when I looked at him and what I saw there was something that I really didn't want to see-- pity and concern with a good dose of curiosity." 

Two things happen in the hospital. One, we learn that Tylar's mom has done horrible things to her in the past. Two, Trey begins to come onto Tylar heavily. From there, things escalate very quickly. Tylar goes from being a virgin, but boldly stating wanting to sleep with Trey. Though he initially resists, he eventually complies with her wishes on her 21st birthday.

"I was going to have him tonight and whatever monsters still lurked in my subconscious would have to sit back and watch."

Their sexual encounter leads to Trey requesting an agreement that they only sleep with each other without the title of a relationship. In the meantime, there are several incidents of someone from Tylar's past stalking her. 

Though, Tylar moves in with Trey and he buys her lavish gifts, it does not take long for their agreement to fall apart. When Tylar is hospitalized after an attack by her stalker, we begin to find out what her mom has been up to and that Tylar is pregnant. Surprisingly, she allows him to believe that the baby is not his and moves back home to Kentucky. However, it does not take long for Trey to track her down after learning the baby is his. In no time they end up back together and engaged. 

Their whirlwind romance moves very fast and is smothered by the redundant sex scenes. However, there is a great buildup to the next book in the series. Though I was not a big fan of this book, a part of me does want to know what happens next with the baby. 

I give this book two out of five stars.