Review: The Buddha Made Me Do It

My recent read was The Buddha Made Me Do It by Marla Martenson. Her recent Author Interview was previously posted here.  This memoir was found on The Book Club Reading List.

Marla Martenson is on a spiritual journey. What starts as a simple task of finding a new Buddha for her husband begins an inspirational and memorable journey for Marla to find her spirituality.

“Bells jingled as I opened the door to the Imagine Center. A peaceful  ambience and calming energy filled the small space, packed with lovely crystals, books, jewelry, an all sorts of things someone on a spiritual path would need in her bag of tricks.”

What was supposed to be one of stop of many to find Buddha was a life changing moment for Marla. With her friend Julie in tow, Marla goes through a variety of experiences (bamboo beatings, orgasmic meditations, crystal healing), most of which are not met with the support of her husband. Despite his other’s disapproval of her green smoothies and expenditures on healing materials, Marla presses on and maintains a level of commitment and optimism that is to be envied by anyone who reads her story. Despite doing everything right, Marla ends up stumbling a few times with low energy fields and bruises all over her body, but that does not deter her. She remains true to herself and your journey in learning more about herself and the spiritual path designed for her.