Review: Spirit Fall

This lovely gem of a book was found on Book Club Reading List. I don’t know what you’re waiting on, you need to get your copy now. This book, by Tessa McFionn , gives us hope ladies!! Our “spiritmate” is out there waiting for the perfect moment to swoop in and rescue us.

“You will vanquish your foes, sending them back into oblivion. You will fight until you find your spiritmate.”


The story is set in present day San Francisco. At beginning of the book, we meet Voni, who is deep in despair and sadness. From the moment I met Voni, I was drawn into her story and at the edge of my seat waiting for what was going to happen to her, and then, the real nail biting occurred when her handsome and fearless guardian, Kai arrives in the nick of time. Kai has seen it all over the last 700 (not a typo)  years. Yet, the one thing he yearns for is true love.
On a night that seems like any other ordinary night, Kai takes a walk after a night of partying with a friend and literally stumbles across a damsel in distress.  With is wit and charm, he is able to keep her from making a life altering decision. Their connection is instant and from that moment they are inseparable. Voni can’t deny her attraction for Kai, but after recent heartbreak, she doesn’t know if she is ready for love again. In fact, she isn’t sure about much of anything. Meeting Kai changes everything for her and she finds herself learning more about herself in a few days than she has known her whole life.  It doesn’t take long for them to realize that only their love for each other can save them from the evil that threatens their future together. Will their love finally put an end to the darkness that looms over them both? You’ll have to get you copy and find out!


The author was amazing at capturing the instant chemistry between the couple. With each page, you could connect to their passion and love for each other.

An unfamiliar energy began to pulsate just beneath his skin, and he paused as he experienced an unfamiliar sensation.”

Along the way, I was able to gain background information on both of them, with was key in understanding their personalities and character traits. Both had been through so much in their lives, but it all seemed worth it since it put them in the right place at the right time to save each other. I love the overall message of the book which I took away to be that the choice to live in heaven or hell is up to you!


There are no weaknesses in my opinion. The story definitely leaves you eager to dive into the sequel.


This book is without a doubt 5 stars. I would categorize it as Romance/Fantasy. I love the twist it took on “love at first sight.”  I know the sequel is just as awesome and look forward to reading it.