Interview: Karen Batshaw

Karen Batshaw is the author of Echoes in the Mist (review coming soon). Please see below to learn more about Karen.

Please provide readers a little information about yourself such as how long you have been a writer.

I have been writing since I was a child. I stopped writing to have a family and a career in social work and international adoption in Cambodia. I resumed my writing a few years ago. I live in Washington DC and Williamsburg Va. I’m an avid travel and have visited most of the world.

Please provide a brief overview of your book.

Echoes in the Mist takes place in 19th century Greece, when western archaeologists were plundering classical Greek treasures and shipping them out of the country. Julia an American who yearns to be an archaeologist and Stephano a Greek man who works for the Greek underground found themselves thrown together as danger swirls around them. A mixture of spies, blackmail, espionage and assassins keep the reader guessing as the plot twists and turns.

What was your inspiration for writing this book?

I had visited Greece where I learned about the Elgin marbles that had been ripped from the Parthenon and sent back to England. I also have a background in archaeology after spending a summer digging in the American southwest.

Do you have other books out or do you have plans of writing more?

Other books are Kate’s Journey and Loves Journey about the American West. Hidden in Plain Sight is a book of holocaust fiction that takes place in Greece during World War II.

What is something you hope readers take away from reading your book?

Readers will learn about the cultural differences between the role of a Greek man and an American woman in the 19th century. Readers will also learn about archaeology in Europe and the political upheaval going on in Greece.