My focus over the last few weeks has been on expansion and building a brand. Along the way, I have begun to get my name out there more by writing forBlogMutt . This has not only provided me the opportunity to improve my writing and research skills, but has also helped me to learn about a lot of different things. Prior to writing for this company, I would have never had interest in bulk lime transportation or architecture photomontages. So far I have done pretty well despite the slightly competitive nature and look forward to moving up the ranks there.

My other venture is book reviewing.  The one thing I have taken away from my journey is the importance of reviews in order to increase sales. To that end, I have decided to assist other new authors in this process by posting reviews on their book. It is a new venture for me, but so far, I have connected with several other authors and successfully gotten my name out there just a little more. My first review, coming soon, is of Spirit Fall. So far so good.

For now, I have plenty to keep me busy on top of the continued promotion of myown work. In fact, my cup drippeth over, but I’m not complaining at all.

Stay tuned.