Book Review: The Prodigal Daughter

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope that this time is an enjoyable season with family and friends. Before we bid farewell to 2016, I wanted to leave you with my final book review of the year. I hope that you enjoy and please stay tuned for the much more to come in 2017. 

The Prodigal Daughter by Patricia Nmukoso Enyi can be summed up as an African fairy tale of love. The story is set in Houston, Texas in the late 1970s/early 1980s. This story allows us to follow Loyce Amaechi's journey from a teenager into early adulthood. Loyce is a Nigerian-American who has the elite life that all the other students at Olympia Academy dream of. 

"It was no secret that Loyce Amaechi was a prodigal by every definition of the word."

Loyce is the daughter of a well-respected cardiovascular surgeon who enjoys a life of privilege and popularity, in addition to being the apple of her parents' eyes. Such a life come with it's issues though. Loyce often finds herself torn between the pressure of conforming to the ways of her friends and respecting the wishes of her parents. Loyce's friends expect her to stick to their plan of losing their virginity before their senior year, or else. 

"Then, plan B was that if the the girl did no comply, the group would have  to help her out." 

The plan to help her out lands Loyce blindfolded in a hotel where she is introduced to Quintin Chisimidi, who is the guy her friends have chosen to take her virginity, make her lovable, and keep her in with the "it" group. The strict demands of Loyce's family which insist that she wait until marriage to a cradle Catholic to have sex keep her from going through with the plan, but much to Loyce's surprise, she has not seen the last of Quintin. When he transfers to her school, the guy with a long rap sheet and troubled past quickly becomes her first love. 

To say the least, Loyce's love interest does not go over well with her parents, who forbid her to see him once they learn of their plans to marry right after high school. When Loyce is caught with Quintin on prom night, it is official, Loyce is a prodigal. Her parents send her to Nigeria to live with her grandfather. Loyce is separated from her love by thousands of miles, but when she returns to Houston and remains single for years to come, will they find their way back to each other or will the pressure from her family to marry lead her to the arms of another man? Pick up your copy and find out!

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars. I love a good love story and this one had a very interesting story line, but I found it hard to stay interested in this story at several points. I also think that there were several parts of the book that could have been left out that did not have relevance to the story.