Book Review: The Little Paris Bookshop

The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George was the my latest read. Monsieur Jean Perdu had the unique and brilliant idea of a floating bookstore. From this bookstore, he provides others with books that assist them with dealing with difficult life situations. While sailing through France, Perdu helps dozens of people heal, but continues to suffer from his own heartache.

Manon was the love of Perdu's life until one day she was gone without warning. The only things she left were memories and a letter that he refused to open for twenty years. The day that Perdu finally decides to read the letter is the day that his life changes forever. Perdu learns that Manon left him because she was ill and wanted to spare him from having to care for him and watch her die. This information prompts Perdu to set out on a journey to find out how Manon's spent her last days and find peace and healing along the way. 

Perdu's love for Manon could be felt through the pages. More than his love for Manon, I loved that he was able to forgive her and move on. This story provided a wonderful example of how powerful forgiveness and closure can be. Once Perdu followed Manon's journey and learned how she spent her last days alive, he was able to let go of his anger and pain and fully dedicate himself to his dreams. Best of all, he was able to properly say goodbye to his love.