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Trish D


About Trish

Trish D hails from Charlotte, North Carolina where she was born in raised. At the age of 13, she wrote a short story for a summer camp that won first place in a contest. This sparked her interest in writing and unleashed an unknown talent. Writing became a regular hobby all throughout middle school and high school. Trish attended college at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington where writing took the back seat to studying and finishing her undergraduate degree in psychology.

It has only been recently that Trish has picked up the habit, but with full steam. Her first novel was completed and published in May of 2016, with the sequel in the works. Trish also has begun to write a variety of short stories. Her latest venture includes book reviewing which is something that just began in July of 2016. Trish looks forward to her upcoming projects of writing and book reviewing.

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Hello, I'm Trish, an independent author branching out into the world of book reviewing. I would love the opportunity to feature, read, and review your work of art.